About Us:

We are a group of gamers and creative brains. A few years ago we decided to start a project and as it turns out - it looked pretty good! So we founded this studio and made game development to the main part of our lives.

Right now we are working on two very different titels:
The first is our VR-game Traceur's Dreamlab where you can build your own parkour-, challenge- and riddle-levels. After sharing them online you are able to challenge your friends and players all over the world.

In our second game Moony:Black_Lotus you accompany a lost boy through a post apocalyptic world. Can you discover the secrets of his world?

Have fun playing and stay tuned for future games!

Traceur's Dreamlab VR

You want to record or stream our games?

Then it would be a huge pleasure for us.
Feel free playing and sharing our games!

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